HSA Hosts Drymades Town Hall Meeting Regarding Recent Negative Developments

HSA hosted a Drymades Town Hall meeting Monday May 2, 2016 for the purpose of bringing together concerned citizens and organizations to discuss the most recent negative actions carried out by the current Socialist government against the citizens of Himara, and Drymades in particular.  The international meeting was conducted via Skype, drawing individuals from Annapolis Md, Washington DC, New York, Boston, Athens, Tirana, and those attending in Drymades (Dhermi). HSA President Father Kosmas Karavellas hosted the meeting and honored speakers included Mr. Geoffrey Parker of the US Embassy Tirana Human Rights office, Mr. Evangelos Doules Chairman Unity for Human Rights Party of Albania, Mr. Arben Ristani General Secretary Democratic Party of Albania, Mr. Arian Madhi Vice Chairman Republican Party of Albania, Mr. Leonidas Pappas President of Omonoia, Mr. Vasili Bollanos former Mayor of Himara, and Mr. Simos Dimas special counsel international law to HSA.



The meeting follows the recent arbitrary governmental destruction of homes and businesses in Drymades and Vuno, the cancellation of property titles of 123 families in Drymades, the intimidation of the populace and the ongoing theft of Himara's land by those affiliated with the government. HSA wishes to reinforce the declaration of its Resolution from the First Symposium on the Future of Himara, calling for "the restoration of property ownership and adoption of legislation to that effect in accordance with the Albanian Constitution and international conventions. Specifically in Himara, that all ancestral family properties, Orthodox Church properties and communal village properties that had been confiscated by the previous communist regime to be returned to their rightful owners".  


We wish to thank the speakers and attendees of the meeting for their participation and attention to the issues.  HSA will continue its political and legal efforts, and encourages the unity of all Himarriotans to address the serious issues.